Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art Dept on China Press. ( 中國報 )



Basically about 'yours truly' working in a male dominated Art Department world for films.
Talks about the experiences and conditions that we hope to improve for all crew behind the scenes.

Would like to clarify here that some of the photos were misquoted.
The Room at 1st page was the attic and the parangs you see on page 3 are not tools but props in PB2. Same goes with the cars, they were proposed action vehicles.. Not our transportation.
Also the bridge on Ice Kacang was not designed by me, but the Art Director , Mr. Too. I can't swim to save my life..hahah.. So I support the boyz from dry land.

In Art Dept, we work as a team and credit goes out to all who has contributed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

China Press on "7 Square" My Short ( 中國報 )

Cover Story on :


Articles on the Indie scene, my Directorial Debut & other Shorts that has won Awards overseas.

To view Short fim goto OMG Channel :

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Directing Shorties!


My debut short film started in Feb 2007. "Vroom Vroom & Boot Boot" was shot in conjunction w the inaugural of BMW shorties.  
Theme: Mobility
Genre: Romance comedy.

It was top 21 shortlisted in the judge's list. Made it's debut at Malaysian shorts- March 2007 & at Film Anonymous 3 in April. 
It was a 2 day shoot w 2 men crew including myself.

Director & Producer : Law Gwo Yunn
Videographer & Editor : Kok Kai Foong
Story : Law Shu Yunn

In July 08: It won the Jury's Award in the Indie Youth Fest, 
inconjunction with the ESWC 2008 event.

Year 2 :
Made my 2nd Short for the BMW shorties 2008 w the theme : H2o.

This time round, we upgraded the equipments & we were extremely technically challenged.
After many takes & reshoots, this
was the best version amongst the 1 take WONDER steadicam-shots.

7 square (7 x 7) was born. An average of 22min per take.

7 Square: Top 10 Finalist for BMW shorties 2008..
Steadicam Operator / DOP : Haris Hue
Story : Law Gwo Yunn
Editor : Tony Wong
Music : Chong U Fu, Eugene & Ian

See Short :

' 7 Square ' in STAR news.

Top 10 finalist. (RHS) The Team who helped out in my short!

Breakfast Show- NTV 7

15th Lyon Asian Film Festival 2009

It was nice surprise when I got an email, telling me that 7 Square was selected for its International Premier among the 8 short films to be screened at the 15th Lyon Asian Film Festival..

It made my day was when they told me 7 Sq won the JURY AWARD!  ( short Film Category)  among the 200 entries World wide last week!

It was Screened on 8th Nov 09 and the Jury liked it.. Brilliant!!
Cheers to my team again for making this happened!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

HANYUT the EPiC ....(adapted fr Almayer's Folly)

A movie that took almost 6 months to Prep and 3months to Shoot..
The biggest movie I've worked on yet.. with a movie budget of near to Rm 14million .

The Art Dept took tremendous effort & research time to find props & set design for this 1800 Epic Period movie..

With a mixed crew of local & international team, the team consist of skills from Australia, Poland, Singapore & Canada.

My role was Set Decorator, working closely with Production Designer~Sam Hobbs
& Prop master ~ Nick Wong.

All sets & villages were build from Ground Zero in the Jungles...
Indeed a HUGE effort.

Set in the Jungles of Pahang: Kuala Lipis , Kenong & Kuantan.
The Movie is adapted from the famous "Almayer's Folly" written by Joseph Conrad. 1895

Here's a Video of the Art Dept in the Making :

Latest Star updates news..

Hanyut official website :

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Simply Siti Commercial.

A cosmetic range by Siti Norhalizah. 3 TVCs shot at her place and Klang Valley.

Role : Art Director

A very nice humble lady indeed!!

to watch on :


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"初恋红豆冰" a.k.a - Ice Kacang Puppy Love (Chinese Movie)

The era of the movie was set in the
80s & 90s in Penang & Tronoh, Ipoh..
A scenic little town that has preserved the old British Colonial influenced architecture in Malaysia.
A lot was done to beautify the place while maintaining its beauty.
Classical indeed with a FeeL...

I was Set Decorator for this movie. Due to the confidentiality of the Sets b4 the Movie is premiered.. I can only post a few pics till the movie is out... 15th April 2010!!

Here are some of the transformation that Art Department has done..

on RHS : Village on sea..Penang

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pisau Cukur.. ( Movie)

A.k.A Gold Diggers. Prep in June 2008, wrapped in Dec 2008.
Coming soon to cinemas in Nov 5, 2009.

A love boat movie, consisting of comedy romance, drama & suspense...
Greatest challenge? Shoot everything on land, e
ven though the story is set in the sea..

It was indeed my 1st, to built sets to look like a cruise ship.
Role:  Art Director & worked with Production Designer: Ting Lam.

U can check out the trailer at :

Here's behind the scenes with Art Department..
From the usual, designing, to budgeting then getting the sets in..
A lot of hands-on for prop making & set decorating.


The last Supper scene.


With Art Department..

THE PREMIERE on 14th OCT Cineleisure 8pm.
Exciting Nite.. 
with the cast & crew.
Very entertaining movie indeed..